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What is Our Future Tomorrow?

Imagine a life where you are able to see the impact of your choices before you make them. A life where you are able to simulate important life decisions and learn from the outcomes of these decisions before you even make them. This is the foundation for OUR FUTURE TOMORROW.

Our Future Tomorrow

This game simulates a number of 4 year periods of time during which young people and teens get to make important life decisions relating to: study options, career choices, entrepreneurship, personal finance decisions, wealth creation, relationships with self and with others, physical health and mental and emotional well-being, community and social responsibility, conservation of the environment and global trends.

Built on the principles of discovery learning, integral psychology and systemic thinking the game is designed to bring consciousness to and to develop the following foundational aspects:

  • Self-knowledge and understanding
  • Knowledge of the world of study and work
  • Time management
  • Financial planning
  • Teamwork in a global context
  • Critical reasoning and systemic thinking
  • Mental agility and mindfulness

Participants will complete the game as global citizens having developed many important competencies necessary to effectively make important life choices, find their passion and purpose and to unlock their full potential.


Edwin Markham