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“I have enjoyed working with the genuine professionals in business simulation. The flexibility and openness they bring to the design and implementation process is a real success factor for the work we have done with them. The knowledge and experience from the business to ensure a realistic simulation is commendable.It has been
and is a pleasure working with the Business Today Team.”

“Wow!! What a training…it was amazing i am so empowered and energized the environment was relaxed yet informative you made the training so fun and practical. I thought i was going to attend a one day only but you made it so interesting that i wanted more and more…
The examples you made were so relevant we related with them and made the training so easy. Now i will PLOCM (Plan, Lead, Organise, Control and Manage) both my personal and business worlds effectively. I can’t wait for the next training. Thanks for your commitment and passion.”

“On behalf of Severstal North America, we would like to graciously thank you for the outstanding training you delivered. We greatly appreciate all of the efforts that you put into making this project a huge success by working closely with our senior executives to tailor the simulation specifically to Severstal’s needs. Our managers greatly enhanced skills in understanding, economics, and the winning strategies of our business. One of the most important outcomes created by this simulation was to impact managers’ values, energy, and vision. The simulation united managers’ efforts in cost optimizing initiatives as well as making our strategy more sustainable. Our managers went through the journey from being functional leaders to business leaders as a result of the program.

The simulation participants provided us with some fantastic proposals and recommendations for Severstal North America. The 6 winning teams, together with the Management team, identified tangible key actions that will be implemented in the future.

Thank you again for your exemplary service. I look forward to working with you on future projects.”

“Unilever would like to commend Business Today for the passion and professionalism for which the company has approached every simulation training project over the last decade. The training projects run by Business Today have added tremendous value in terms of the development of business acumen, operational and strategic thinking skills of our key asset, our people.”

” It was very practical and has already translated into my team making better commercial decisions” the business to ensure a realistic simulation is commendable.It has been
and is a pleasure working with the Business Today Team.”

“Business Today has consistently delivered high quality solutions to our training needs, with the flexibility to adapt to our specific company needs”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Business Today, and have received fantastic responses from the staff, including upper management, with regards to the effectiveness of the simulated training that was given and the amount that was learnt through this training intervention. I believe that this training tool is one that best imitates what happen in a business and gives a realistic approach to working with day to day problems in a fun game interaction. The financial knowledge gained by all delegates that attended was huge and gave them more confidence in understanding cause and effect with regards to what they do on a day to day basis and how that will affect the overall finances of a business. This tool is also very adaptable and can be adapted to a variety of businesses.”

“Would have never thought participants could assimilate the game concept so fast … a tightly knit organisation planning made it a real success … Empowering and engaging a crowd of 100+ people was delightful to witness! The buildup of each and every team strategies as the day progressed was outstanding. An experience they will not forget”

“Just a quick email to say thanks for the course last week. I really enjoyed it, definitely one of the best courses I’ve done! This gave me a very good view of what our area heads are/should be worrying about, which is very useful on our current project.”

“Business Today proved invaluable in making a complex change process sufficiently simple to make it understandable to a broad range of staff”

“The insurance simulation showed our staff that financial success is based on a sound understanding of the market and the generation of profitable customer business”

“This fantastic well thought out simulation showed me just how critical planning is and the need to co-ordinate actions across departments”

“The simulation really helped our managers and staff see the bigger picture of how our business operates, the strategic issues and where they can make a difference”

“The simulation exercise allows an individual or senior manager to take a step into the future, see what it looks like and bring it back to their own environment. During the simulation, participants can make some mistakes, learn from them and take these learnings back into their practical area of experience”