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My Future Today

Is it important for young people to understand the career options available to them and to engage early with the short term and long term implications of the choices that they make now?


The Simulation Experience

Each team operates as if they are a single individual and makes a number of decisions related to the allocation of time, focus and money to different life choices. Over four “life cycles”, comprising three years each, teams make decisions for their character, and evaluate the consequences, then they relate these learnings back to their own individual realities and ambitions. No luck, no dice, just decisions and consequences. The board, at any time, gives a visual insight into each team’s development as their own characters. The “life choices” include initial and further study, obtaining a range of educational qualifications, choosing funding options for such education, deciding on the allocation of ‘spare time’ to part time employment or other personal development activities with the objective of developing character greatness and building net worth. The objective of the 1.5 day experience is NOT to have young people decide there and then exactly what to choose as their career, but to raise their consciousness that this is a critical choice that they had better start grappling with right now, if their lives are to be successful.