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Corporate Video

At Business Today, we have seen how real business understanding delivers improved business performance. We know that the best way to achieve this vital understanding is through a process that enables people to see the bigger picture. This process needs to be challenging, enjoyable and involve a strong element of self-discovery.


Our customised board-based business simulation provides a holistic view of the fundamental business drivers within your business. Our engaging and interactive training enables delegates to experience in a nonthreatening environment, the role that their function contributes to the organisation as a whole and the importance of interdepartmental relationships. Emphasis is placed on the importance of stakeholder management, strategy and execution in creating real shareholder value, and the need for change.


The simulation gets people to understand each other’s role in achieving the strategic initiatives, and to see their role in delivering specific action plans within their business unit. Managing resources and business planning are essential to strategic success, and our discovery learning process, drives this understanding.


Our training involves teams of delegates who “manage their own business”, following a credible business process, using the simulation board. They make a variety of decisions over a number of business cycles, discover how money and other resources flow through their operation, analyse the consequences (financial and otherwise) of their decisions and mistakes, take corrective action and re-analyse in the following business cycle.


This experiential process is challenging, highly competitive and lots of fun. Lessons learned are constantly compared to their actual workplace; the simulations formally include client company language, issues and financial statement structures. Through becoming aware of the bigger picture of their business, and their own role in its success or failure, staff and managers begin to function more effectively toward achieving common goals.