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About Us

Business Today utilises discovery learning technologies to significantly improve the performance of people and organisations.

This explains why so many Market leaders in so many diverse industries trust Business Today to develop and deliver cutting edge customised training and development interventions.


Established in 1981, we have an impressive track record of over 30 years in increasing the business competence of our clients’ employees.


We are part of a global organisation with Head offices in South Africa, The United Kingdom, Australia and Hong Kong and are represented by Business Partners in 29 countries across the world.


We have over 170 simulations across many diverse industries. Our simulations are individually customised to the development needs of the clients business to ensure the maximum degree of ‘fit’.


Everyone from top level management to ‘shop floor’ employees.

The Clients

We customise to our clients specific needs; these are a few of the companies with which we have recently partnered in building real business understanding.

Directors and Senior Management across the world

Gordon Cousins
Executive Chairman Business Today
Jean Bowler
Business Today International Director
Peter Knox
C,O,O Business Today International Director
Ryan Cousins
Business Today International Director
Debbie-Lee Herman
Business Today United States Of America
Gordana Matovic
Business Today Serbia
John Radclyffe
Business Today Australia
Mohammed Al Zadjali
Business Today Oman
Simon Bracher
Business Today Switzerland
Frank Caron
Business Today Belgium/Luxembourg
Nuno Bouca
Business Today Brazil
Shi Bisset
Business Today China
Renee Yu Yixia
Business Today China
Manuel Bellsolell
Business Today Spain
Jean - Philippe Perie
Business Today France
Vinod Gupta
Business Today India
Kanwer Saeed
Business Today Pakistan
Anton du Preez
Business Today Namibia
Antonio Chanoca
Business Today Portugal
Olga Davydova
Business Today Russia
Georgeta Dendrino
Business Today Romania
Zeynep Kurmus
Business Today Turkey
Jabu Matiko
Business Today South Africa
Irfan Hafeez
Business Today United Arab Emirates
Gordon Sheppeck
Business Today United Kingdom
Theophilus Wong
Business Today Malaysia
Jonathan Low
Business Today Malaysia
Jan Jansen
Business Today Netherlands
Joep Godding
Business Today Netherlands
Walid Nabil
Business Today Egypt
Tomas Kabatek
Business Today Czech Republic
Felicity van de Ruit
Business Today Zimbabwe
Dmitry Dmitriev
Business Today Kazakhstan
Mr. Jung
Business Today North & South Korea
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