BusinessToday | Product Development
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Product Development

Each product is designed and produced with the help of the client, a group of designers are selected from the company and are involved in the entire process. This is to ensure the customisation process is answering to the company’s personal needs, therefore optimising performance levels all around. The customisation process is a continuum, and can vary from a simple modification to an entire origination of a simulation.

  • Info Gathering

    We want to know your business! We conduct site visits to gather as much information as possible through interviews with a designated design team from your business.

  • Concept

    Where the fun begins! We develop the core concepts of the simulation addressing the issues that have been identified. We look at the possible mechanisms that can be utilised including our touch of magic.

  • Develop

    Driving it home! We refine the development on the process flows, mechanisms, inputs and calibration of numbers.

  • Completion

    That’s a wrap! Complete course materials & roll out training.